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Publications - Primary Education

Our Discovery Island 4-6 (Egypt)
Pearson Education / Balberry Publishing  (2015)
Coauthor of the new edition for Egypt

Think, Do, Learn: Science 5 and 6
Oxford University Press, 2015
Co-author of CLIL materials for Spanish primary

Look and Think:Social and Natural Sciences 5 and 6
Oxford University Press, 2010/2011
Author of the ELT Adaptation of the Class
Books and Workbooks for both levels

Oxford Read and Discover Readers

Oxford University Press, 2009-2011
Author of non-fiction graded readers
for CLIL and bilingual programmes

> Your Five Senses (Level 3)
> Animals in the Air (Level 3)
> Machines Then and Now (Level 4)
> Food Around the World (Level 6)
> Your Amazing Body (Level 6)
> Earth Then and Now (Level 6)

Oxford Science Content for Primary
3 and 4
Oxford University Press, 2008
Author of two Social and Natural Science Activity Books written for the Spanish curriculum for grades 3 and 4; Author of the teaching notes, posters, digital posters and content for the Teacher's Interactive CD-ROM

Cool Kids 3 - Starter Pack 

Oxford University Press, 2006
Author of a photocopiable resource pack for the coursebook Cool Kids 3, written for teachers of primary students who are starting English in 3rd grade and/or require basic review

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